vedouri espresso cup


Handmade ceramic espresso cup that reminds the shapes of Greek traditional sorts and equipment. Its geometrical shape is characteristic.


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All products are hand produced and made by stoneware body fired in 1240 degree Celsius. Every item is unique and may differ slightly in measurements and designs. Items are glazed with non toxic materials. Kerameio hosts artists that work all together to deliver the final products. Their work embodies craftsmanship and beauty inspired by the Serifian nature. Colour palette is inspired by the bluegrey colour of the horizon, the characteristic white of the Cycladic islands, the greengrey colour derived from the colours of rocks in Vagia beach, the deep blue you get during the blue hour of the Cycladic sky, and finally the brown rusty colour that you meet in the mining areas of Serifos.

All products are microwave and dishwasher safe. We recommend to wash them in hand for lifetime maintenance. Slight color variations will occur from piece to piece.

Measurements: 190 grams, 6 cm diameter, 6,5 cm height

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basic, motif with lines


black, bluegrey, brown rusty, greengrey, white, white with black traces