“The Meltemi ceramics collection was born during a holiday in Serifos. Walking around the Greek island to discover the craftsmen who live there, Gian Paolo Venier came across the Kerameio atelier. He was particularly fascinated by the coloring process used by the workshop: the colors of the artifacts, in fact, were created by oxidation and not through the ordinary painting. Seduced by this technique and conquered by the texture of the products, the designer thought about a collection dedicated to the table. He embarked on a journey through the forms of classical Cycladic civilization and discovered a world of soft and contemporary lines, linked to everyday objects instead of decorative ones…”, says designer Gian Paolo Venier.
The Meltemi collection, consisting of 7 pieces, is a strictly handmade series of ceramics made upon the sketches and ideas of Gian Paolo. All parts of this idea are thrown on the wheel forms, which are following the long tradition of thrown tableware across the Aegean Sea.
The chosen medium is a white stoneware clay body, fired up to 1250C and totally covered on black and white maX and opaque, stone like effect glaze. They’re all food and drink safe in order to be enjoyed on a daily bases.
All pieces were crafted by KERAMEIO Ceramic Studio in collaboration with the renown ceramist George Vavatsis.

The imperfections and the minimal variations in size and color, due to the artisanal cooking technique, are to be considered as an integral part of the ceramics

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