“Clay is my way of communicating with myself, and therefore with others”.
From the very first moment I played with clay, I wanted that feeling to last forever… Exploring this material, I sense the possibility to express myself through understanding of nature’s secrets, respecting her rules and limitations.
In the Workshop of KERAMEIO I develop an ongoing research into the field of ceramics, personalizing work techniques, exploring color schemes.
Ceramics are a way to be present in the “here and now”. Every piece you create is unique. It changes over time, it ages, it feels human. So every time I open a fired kiln I keep feeling a mixture of worry and excitement.
Generally speaking, my work explores the layered landscapes and sea-washed coasts of Serifos, so all of my hand-made stoneware pieces are characterised by curved lines and simple forms.
I’m fortunate to have a background working with some talented people, like Antigoni Pantazi, Marilena Michopoulou, Menandos Papadopoulos, Kiki Gerontakis and Antonis Loutsis.

Natassa Kalogeropoulou KN Ceramics.
Contact: natassamy@gmail.com

In KERAMEIO Workshop I do research into the field of ceramics, personalize work techniques, explore color schemes!

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