In KERAMEIO we showcase: handcrafted pottery by Greek traditional families all around the country and contemporary studio pottery made by talented Greek ceramists. Also, ceramic pieces made in our Workshop by Natassa Kalogeropoulou (KN Ceramics) and ceramic tableware created by exceptional craftsmen, based on our own designs.
Our collection also includes sculptures, jewellery, hand shaped and thrown ceramics made with special pit firing techniques such as “raku”, “sagar box” etc.
In our Workshop you can meet Natassa working with clay and developing her research into the field of ceramics. She designs and produces a limited number of tableware, sculptures and jewellery.
Established Greek artists are invited to join in with various innovative projects.
During winter we run voluntary workshops for pupils of Serifos Primary School. In the summer we invite families and groups of friends to participate in “Play with Clay” workshops.

At the Shop and Workshop of KERAMEIO you can buy handcrafted ceramics, learn about special hand building and firing techniques and Play With Clay!

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