Functional and decorative ceramics in an amazing studio, offering breathtaking views to the Aegean Sea. In Kerameio Shop funs of the ceramic art can get to know the creations of traditional and contemporary Greek ceramists. Get in touch with the earthy charm of handcrafted ceramics and make them part of your everyday life!

There is something magical about handmade pottery and you will sense it when you enter the KERAMEIO SHOP. In our studio we showcase: ceramics made by Greek traditional families all around the country and contemporary studio pottery made by talented Greek ceramists. Also, ceramics made in our Workshop, by Natassa Kalogeropoulou.

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KN Ceramics/ Photo: Sandy Karagianni

Wheel thrown stoneware bowls 1240C by ΚΝ Ceramics – No 0098

KN Ceramics 2017 collection

Ceramic dish for draining food, stoneware 1240C by ΚΝ Ceramics -No 0776


Handmade stoneware plates by ΚΝ Ceramics -No 5544

My work explores the layered landscapes and sea-washed coasts of Serifos. All of my hand-made stoneware pieces are characterised by curved lines and simple forms.


KN Ceramics-bean/ Photo: Vali Vaimaki

Colourful ceramic beans by KN Ceramics, stoneware body 1240 C

KN Ceramics/ Photo: Aggelos Papadopoulos

Decorative sculptural ceramic forms by KN Ceramics, stoneware body 1240C.

KN Ceramics-2017 collection/ Photo: Vali Vaimaki

Ceramic serving dish by KN Ceramics, stoneware body 1240C

In Kerameio Workshop you will learn how we create our ceramics and various decorative techniques. During the summer, families and groups of friends may attend our Play With Clay lessons and practice hand-building techniques like coiling, slab work and sculptural works. In the winter we organize voluntary lessons for the students of Serifos Elementary School.



Antonis in action, throwing a large piece on the wheel at the workshop of Kerameio

CUPS 2 19.8.2017 copy

Hot out of the kiln and ready to go! Ceramic mugs by stoneware body 1240C

keram a 11

The glazing process by KN at the workshop of Kerameio Ceramic Studio

An open invitation to Play with clay for children and adults. Get your hands …dirty and join in our themed workshops. Read more…



Children love to Play with Clay at the workshop of Kerameio Ceramic Studio!


Each time we start to play with clay something interesting emerges!

Play with clay

Rolling, squeezing and forming the clay is an outstanding sensory development activity for little hands!

steal a glance…