Handcrafted ceramics, made with contemporary style. Minimalistic lines, textures and patterns inspired by the Cycladic landscape and the Aegean Sea that embody the aesthetic aspect of simplicity. Made from stoneware clay, fired at high temperatures 1240C, ensuring daily use.  Shapes, curves, natural or bold textures allow a new organic element to emerge in the space. This leads to a slower living style.


Tableware made from stoneware clay, fired at high temperatures 1240C, ensuring daily use. Beautiful and simple enough are designed to complement every day and transform the daily routine into a peaceful and joyful moment.


Emotions infuse the creations. Emotions that evoke from the simplistic nature lines, the beauty and heritage of Cyclades. Emotions that are transformed to functional and decorative, minimal yet bold creations that also evoke emotions to recipients.

An artform.


Kerameio Ceramic Studio has collaborated with artists in Greece and internationally.

The ‘Meltemi’ collection consisting of 7 pieces, is a strictly handmade series of ceramics made upon the sketches of the designer Gian Paolo Venier. All parts of this idea are thrown on the wheel forms, which are following the long tradition of thrown tableware across the Aegean Sea. All pieces were crafted by Kerameio Studio in collaboration with the ceramist George Vavatsis.

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Natasa Kalogeropoulou is a Greek ceramist that lives and works in Serifos island.

She draws on the amazing Aegean view of Kerameio balcony, where the studio is located since 2014 and it was founded by her and her sister Jutta. Elegant and unique hand crafted objects of everyday life: sculptures, utility items and jewelry.


Every summer the Kerameio Studio hosts the creative Clay workshops “Play with Clay” in collaboration with artists and teachers where kids and adults are introduced to the art or clay. 

«Clay is material of constant exploration between unlimited possibilities and norms that encourages us to get a better understanding on nature and ourselves”

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The Kerameio Studio is open to all ceramists. Along with the Kerameio collection, creations from acclaimed Greek ceramists are exhibited at the studio. It also hosts acclaimed Greek artists who want to collaborate on various projects, share their experience, research or knowledge.


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